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Robert Presley Detention Center Information (Downtown Riverside Jail): Address, Hours, Visiting, Phone Number, Lawyers & More.

Information on Robert Presley Detention Center (Downtown Riverside County Jail), and information for inmates in the Riverside County jail system, may be found at the following links:

Additional information for Robert Presley Detention Center is provided below.

Address: Robert Presley Detention Center is located at 4000 Orange Street, Riverside CA 92501

Phone Number: 951-955-4500

Inmate Locator: Information related to inmates who are detained at Robert Presley Detention Center may be found at Riverside County Jail Inmate Locator. This information may contain booking number information and information related to the inmate’s criminal case, including the inmate’s criminal case number.

Visitation Information: To schedule a visit with an inmate at Robert Presley Detention Center, call 951-341-8888 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. No more than two visitors may visit an inmate at one time. All inmates must first be cleared to visit an inmate (warrant check, no probationer, no felon, no person recently released from jail).

Note: No person who is either on probation, has been convicted of a felony, or has recently released from county jail, may visit an inmate at Robert Presley Detention Center without first obtaining written approval from the facility administrator. Also, no person with a warrant for his or her arrest may visit an inmate at Robert Presley Detention Center. In fact, a visitor with a warrant for his or her arrest may be arrested on site. To first recall a warrant, see Warrant Recall.

You should have the inmate’s booking information ready when you call to schedule a visit. Inmate’s booking information may be located at Inmate Booking Number Information.

Note: Attorneys, bail bond personnel, clergy, probation officers, and other official visitors may have different visitation hours.

Length of Visit: Visit length is up to forty-five (45) minutes, two times per week. A valid and current government identification is required to visit an inmate at Robert Presley Detention Center.

Visitors may be searched before entering the ground of the detention center, including a search of the visitor’s person, his or her belongings, and his or her vehicle. Also, all visitors must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to visit an inmate at Riverside’s Robert Presley Detention Center.

Once the visit with an inmate begins, the visitor may not leave the area of visitation without losing the privilege to revisit the inmate on the same day (no in-and-out of the visitation area). Also, a visitor may not visit more than one inmate per visit and the visitor may not trade inmate visitation (no switching of inmate to be visited).

Prohibited Items: No alcohol, tobacco, or drug is allowed on the ground of Robert Presley Detention Center. Also, no cameras, video recording(s), or weapons are allowed on the ground of the jail (i.e., computers, cellphones, knives, pocketknives, firearms, etc.).

Note: Any visitor bringing contraband onto the ground of Riverside’s Robert Presley Detention Center is subject to arrest and confiscation of the contraband.

Restrooms: Restrooms are available in the lobby of Robert Presley Detention Center. Smoking and/or drinking is not allowed anywhere in the jail, including the lobby or the restroom areas.

Dress Attire: All visitors to Robert Presley County Jail must dress appropriately. This means no gang attire, no sexual or lewd material, no clothing with offense words or pictures, no sexually revealing outfits, mid-drift shirt, spaghetti straps, strapless shirts, or mini-skirts above the mid-thigh.

Termination of Visitation: Inmate visits may be terminated at any time, for any reason, including a violation of the jail rules, or for jail security purposes (inmate lockdown, dangerous condition at the detention center, etc.).

Important: No electronic recording systems of any kind, including cell phones, may be allowed in the inmate visitation areas of Robert Presley jail.

Note: Visitation of inmates at Robert Presley Detention Center may not be allowed during the booking process, which is when the inmate is first arrested and booked into the jail. This process usually takes about twelve hours, but it may be longer for various reasons.

Money to Inmates: To “put money on the inmate’s books (account)” means to leave money with the jail so that the inmate may use that money for commissary (food, toiletry items, and writing materials), or phone cards. To put money on the inmates’ books at Robert Presley Detention Center, a person may use several methods:

Online Deposits Using Access Corrections (Link)

Deposits by Phone Using Access Corrections (Link)

Cash or Credit Card Deposit by Kiosk in Jail Facility Lobbies

US Postal Money Order by Mail (Include Inmate’s name & booking number). Send to Robert Presley Detention Center P.O. Box 710 Riverside, CA 92501

Note: There is a maximum of $200 a week that an inmate may have on his or her account. For more information on how to put money on an inmate’s account (books) at Robert Presley Detention Center (jail), visit Inmate Commissary Money.

Parking Information

Parking is available on the streets surrounding the jail.  Two separate public parking structures are located at the corner of Lemon and 12th Street (Downtown Riverside Parking Garages).

Bailing out of Custody: Bail may be made in cash, US postal money order, Western Union money order, or a commercial financial institution cashier's check. Contact a local bail bond or a criminal defense attorney to learn more on how to bail someone out of jail.

For more information related to Robert Presley Detention Center, including address, contact information, visiting hours, money for inmates, court calendar, booking number, how to bail out of Robert Presley jail, Riverside criminal defense lawyers, and more, contact the jail directly at Robert Presley Detention Center, or our criminal defense attorneys for a free consultation.

Our Riverside County criminal defense attorneys represent criminal defendants charged with any state misdemeanor or felony offense, including murder (PC 187), kidnapping, sex crimes, drug crimes, DUI (VC 23152), crimes against child and adults, fraud and theft crimes, domestic violence (PC 273.5 & 243(E)(1)), vehicle crimes, violent offense, serious offenses, post-conviction remedies, and more. Call today!


Important: Our Criminal Defense Attorneys (this website and the attorneys advertised herein) are not affiliated with law enforcement, any prosecuting agency, or any government agency; our business is not affiliated with Robert Presley Jail.

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Robert Presley Detention Center (Riverside Jail)


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